January 17


How to Travel Abroad Earning Income with AirBnB

By Eddy

January 17, 2017

AirBnB has opened up a world of cash making opportunities for literally everyone in the world!

In 2015, I traveled to 8 countries in Asia exclusively using AirBnB for my accommodations which was how I discovered the various ways people were earning extra income everywhere.

After learning about AirBnB first hand, I decided to give it a try when I rented a house in Da Nang, Vietnam exclusively for the purpose or re-renting it out using AirBnB.

That’s what enabled me to make, literally, the biggest move I’ve ever made.

That’s a little bit about my story.

To provide even more in depth knowledge on the business of AirBnB, I reached out to Jasper Ribbers of GetPaidForYourPad.com who also started an AirBnB business that allows him to travel the world while making more than $60k annually without even home.

Watch the entire video here and read the summary below!

In the interview, we discuss:

  • The benefits of short term rental vs long term rental
  • How to free up your time by hiring an assistant
    • How to find an ideal housekeeper
  • Creative ways to use AirBnB to provide “Experiences” even if you don’t have a house
  • Leveraging short term renting to increase the ROI of your real estate property

Tools mentioned:

To help you get started, use my link to get a Quick $50 Bonus for creating a NEW AirBnB Account and Hosting your first Guest!

If anyone has any questions about AirBnB, please feel free to leave me a comment below!


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    • Yeah, that’s a loaded question 🙂
      If you’re looking to invest in Vietnam, you’ll have to consider the fact that you can’t own land as a foreigner here. But there are ways of doing it like partnering with a local Vietnamese person or setting up a Vietnamese company. You can message me for me details 😉


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