March 29


Thrive Themes Builder Complete Review

By Eddy

March 29, 2020

Thrive Themes Builder is the latest, and most innovative, tool for online entrepreneurs.

Thrive Themes has been one of the biggest players in the WordPress theme and plugins game. They’ve been making it super simple for any online entrepreneur to build out professional looking landing pages since 2013. 

But now they’ve changed the game in how to build a website that converts fast without the need for expensive coding. Thrive Themes allows you to focus on converting online and not having to learn about pointing DNS, or upgrading PhP and squabbling with online tech support. 

Going to mini-code camp or working for the Geek Squad is NOT why you became an online entrepreneur.  And you don’t want to outlay the expenses to hire a web guy, a designer, and whoever else is needed to take the website you have in mind and make it a reality. 

I have been using Thrive Themes for years. But the newly launched Thrive Themes Builder is a game-changer. Let me tell you why: 

What is Thrive Themes Builder

Thrive Themes Builder is a fully customizable theme that doesn’t require various plugins to slow down your website. They are a plug-and-play WordPress theme built explicitly to give you control over your website’s theme design.

Thrive Themes Builder is much better than their old themes.

First, they’ve improved the architecture of designing the landing pages. Now with Thrive Themes Builder, you can edit the Menu on a page, then apply it to all other parts of your website.

Before, you used to have to install plugins to change the rest of the website which slows your website down. Plugins basically override your themes code when it loads. 

Thrive Themes Builder is not a plugin, but a fully customizable theme that doesn’t need to overwrite code whenever you make changes. In short, your site will load faster and more effective for conversions.

How does Thrive Themes Builder work?

Thrive Themes Builder is a newly released visual website creator that allows you to build exactly what you want people to see on your website. 

It pairs with Thrive Architect so you can drag, drop, move and shape the home page that will do what it’s supposed to do. Thrive Architect contains so much of the functionality you need for sales conversions and interaction, you remove those plug-ins that do one thing and collectively bog your site down. 

This is a visual editing platform with a supercharged engine to put your work into high gear.

Its interconnected tools are a drag-and-drop away. You want an online survey? Drag it in. Want to make it visually attractive and easy for the user to find it? Design it with the tools provided. No plug-ins and no having to create a different path.

Who is Thrive Themes Builder Best for?

We’ve been putting Thrive Themes Builder through paces, testing it out on some of our projects. This has helped us have a pretty clear sense of when to use this and when to not or at least when to wait to use it.

  • First, if you need to build landing pages that convert leads into sales, and do it quickly, Thrive Themes Builder is perfect for you. 
  • Second, if your goal is the best website, then maybe this isn’t it. If your goal is a website custom-made for results, this is for you.
  • Third, if you aren’t happy with your bland WordPress themes, and especially if you’re not getting results, then this is for you. If you’ve already invested in many of the user functions on your site, then stick with it.  
  • Fourth, if you’re using WooCommerce, I wouldn’t switch, at least not yet. Thrive Themes admits it is still in development in that aspect of online commerce. 
  • Finally, if you don’t do anything with your site, then this probably isn’t for you. But if you want the control of your online business in your hands, not a developer, then get this. 

How does Thrive Themes Builder compare to other WordPress themes?

With an ever-expanding of themes and companies offering WordPress connective themes, Thrive Themes enter a crowded and competitive field. We certainly have tested and tried many. 

Thrive Themes Builder levels the playing field with industry leader Elementor, whose products combine tools online entrepreneurs need with a theme building platform. Now Thrive Theme Builders, Thrive Optimize, Thrive Leads, Thrive Quizzes all connect to Thrive Themes Builder for one price. All of these offer A/B capability. The collection makes this the strongest competitor to Elementor.

Elementor Pro and Thrive Architect with Thrive Theme Builders are the only two that offer a “what-you-see-is-what-you-get experience” without tech skills. While the entry prices are similar, Elementor Pro requires an annual payment to maintain all your site’s connectivity through updates.

If you join Thrive’s membership plan, you get access to all of the other tools and plugins to optimize for important conversions like split testing, header optimization, email capture and tools for hosting online courses. 

In short, this package solves the industry’s biggest problem that often forces you to choose between two extremes: a beautiful responsive theme that represents you well, OR a theme that may not look too great but offers the services you need. The Thrive Package gives you the both. 

Thrive Theme Builders online support is fantastic. They have easy to watch videos and ongoing education tools. 

It ranks far favorably than other theme-based website builders like Divi because it’s built for business. 

In this way, Thrive Themes Builder is on the leading edge of online entrepreneurship. You put your site to work and get back to what matters: more time on your actual business!

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