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How to Start an Amazon Affiliate Niche Website

By Eddy

March 2, 2017

Did you know that Amazon pays you to bring people to their website?

Starting an Amazon affiliate website can be a great way to get started in the online business space.

It takes time, a little bit of money, and patience, but eventually it can lead to making more than enough money to quit your job as it did for my friend.

Tung Tran is a 23-year-old Vietnamese man living in Hanoi, Vietnam, who tried to make money with affiliate marketing while still in high school.

After a few years of grinding online, he was able to earn enough cash to live on his own and drop out of college. He’s since become a successful online businessman teaching others how to do exactly what he did.

I loved his story so much that I wanted to share it with the IncomeTips audience because I know we have a lot of young hustlers and striving entrepreneurs looking to build a sustainable business in the online space.

Watch our complete interview where I ask him specific questions on exactly how to do an Amazon Affiliate Niche Website. I’ve summarized everything below this video.



What is an Amazon Affiliate Niche Website

Amazon has a special program that pays you a commission for referring buyers to their website.

Anyone can join at

Amazon just rolled out a new structure that pays commissions based on categories. The fee Amazon pays out ranges from 1% up to 10%

The idea is to create a website that focuses on a very niche keyword. Within that website you will include links back to Amazon using your affiliate link. If you do well in choosing a low competition, highly searched keyword, and do the work of creating great content with enough backlinks, your page will rank high on Google.

If you do well in choosing a low competition, highly searched keyword, do the work of creating great content with enough backlinks to your website, you’ll rank high in Google and will earn commissions from Amazon.

3 Steps to Starting an Amazon Affiliate Niche Website

Tung Tran shared his 3 steps to starting a successful Amazon Affiliate Niche website with me. I’ve listed them below.

Step 1: Have the right mindset

It’s not a get rich quick scheme nor is it easy to do.

Building a successful niche site take 8 to 12 months at least in Tung’s experience.

Knowing that before you start is key to succeeding. If you expect to make money right away or to pay yourself before the 8 to 12 months, you’ll sabotage your success and you won’t be making $100k a year like Tung does.

Expect that you won’t have any results for the first few months and expect to spend at least an hour or two a day on your niche website.

Don’t start what you can’t finish. If you go in knowing this, you’ll have a much greater chance of success.

Step 2: Do your research to find the best keywords

Doing the market research should take up most of your time for the first few weeks if not the first few months.

This is by far the most important part of the process because the goal is to rank high in Google so you don’t have to spend much on advertising.

Tools to use for keyword research:

Step 3: Get backlinks

This is the backbone of any successful website.

You’ll need to have authority in your niche to rank high in Google.

This is what takes the most time to do which is why you won’t see exciting results for 6 to 8 months.

When I asked Tung about getting backlinks, he shared two ways of doing this.

Doing it “grey hat” or doing it “white hat.”

The grey hat way is to create your own private blog network. Since that is a bit riskier and can lead you to get shut down by Google, I will recommend you focus on the white hat method.

The white hat way is to network and connect with other authorities in your niche and getting them to link back to your website from theirs.

But don’t just message people out of nowhere asking to do you a favor.

Try to befriend them and offer them something useful.

Go to networking events, join Facebook groups (like I did to meet Tung) and ask your current network for hookups.

Once you’ve developed a relationship with them, ask for a link back to your website either on an existing post of their or by writing a guest post specifically for their website.

Tung’s 3 Steps to getting backlinks with Content

1. Create a good piece of content

Google what is already out there and see what kind of articles are ranking at the top of the first page. Then do your best to make yours better than the best.

2. Network and befriend someone with a similar website who has more authority.

You can use to find out how they rank

3. Ask them for a link either to your article or to your website

Do this only after you’ve given something to them or have befriended them. It’s not nice to ask for things without giving first.

What Type of Content Can you Write?

There are two types of content you can write.

  1. Commercial Content
  2. Informational Content

Commercial content is what Tung focuses on most by reviewing products sold on Amazon. He’ll either create a single product review, or a product roundup which will compare a few different products in the niche.

Informational content is simply an article that writes about the general facts without working to convince anyone to buy.

Tips on Making a Good Website

Tung uses Thrive Themes (as do I) to make nice looking landing pages to share content. It’s super simple and all the pages Thrive Themes provides are tested and optimized for conversions, not just on how pretty they look.

How Much Money Do I Need to Start an Amazon Affiliate Niche Website?

I asked Tung this question after our interview and this is what he said.

It depends on whether you’ll be writing the content or not.

If you plan to do everything yourself, to begin with, expect to spend about $500 to $1000 for tools, plugins, and themes in order to create the website.

But you won’t need any money for content if you’ll be the one writing everything.

If you’d like to outsource everything (except the market research), expect to spend about $2k to $5k to hire content writers.

Where can I find content writers?

Tung often hires writers to do all the writing for him. Here are some resources where you can find writers:



Tung has found quite a bit of success with Amazon Affiliate Niche Websites (that’s a mouthful to say)

I think I’m going to try my hand at it as well because I’ve met quite a few digital nomads doing the same thing.

Do you think this is right for you?

If so, I’m including a little bonus download with 122 Different Niche Ideas you can start with.

Sign up below to get your FREE DOWNLOAD!



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