February 22


How to Grow an Instagram Following in the MILLIONS Without Spending a Dime

By Eddy

February 22, 2017


That’s how many followers @ThinkGrowProsper has grown to-date since starting his Instagram account back in 2014.

How did he do it?!?!

I’ve been wondering that myself for a long time, so I decided to finally ask 😉

Ruben Chavez is the man behind the massively successful account known as ThinkGrowProsper.

In this interview, Ruben shares with us exactly how he built his massive following along with lessons learned from every milestone.

Read my takeaways tips below to apply to your own Instagram Account.

Takeaway Tips from @ThinkGrowProsper

When I heard that Ruben hardly spent money on growing his account, I couldn’t believe it! (You can actually see the weird face I made when he told me 😂)

Kenneth and I grew IncomeTips by doing lots of paid promos along with consistent posting. Although Ruben has proven that it’s totally possible to grow an account purely with consistent, quality content.

Here are the takeaways you can apply to your own Instagram account:

You need a competitive advantage

This is the KEY.

If you’re starting a new account in a niche that’s already saturated, you’re setting yourself up for failure.

Figure out a niche and an angle that’s different than the rest.

At the time Ruben started his account, there were just a handful of motivational quote accounts. So he got in early.

If you’re just following everyone else, you’re competing in a losing battle. It’s best to find a new niche or a much smaller niche that you can compete in.

Then over time, you’ll start to add followers who will see that you’re not just another copycat, but something different.

Choose a topic you’re genuinely interested in

There are two main reasons for this.

  1. It’ll be easy to create your own ORIGINAL content
  2. You’ll be far more likely to stay consistent with posts

If you’re just chasing the money, you’re not going to provide much value in your posts.

Don’t waste your time or the time of others.

Choose a topic or niche that you’re already into like Ruben did.

Since he was already reading personal development books and absorbing inspiring content from many places, he found it easy to share what he was learning.  He created the ThinkGrowProsper account to record his favorite quotes FOR HIMSELF. Then after noticing other people were liking his posts, he became even more motivated to post more often.

Since Ruben started ThinkGrowProsper, he has been posting daily for the past 3 years. Many others have started and stopped similar accounts while Ruben’s account has been compounding in followers.

So choose something you’re likely to stick with for many years! Think long term.

Don’t delegate unless it makes sense

Ruben has been doing his own posts since the beginning. He didn’t hire a graphic designer or an intern to create content. It was ALL HIM.

That was his competitive advantage as well. Because he was able to create unique and meaningful posts himself, he developed a loyal following who saw the quality and passion behind each post.

Don’t be so quick to outsource or delegate things. Put in the work and make it good.

Be consistent and frequent

First, he started by doing one post a day.

Then two a day.

Now Ruben posts anywhere from 3 to 5 QUALITY POSTS DAILY.

That’s how he was able to compound his results. #THECOMPOUNDEFFECT

Check out his timeline of growth:

January 2014 – 0 Followers

April 2014 – 10,000 Followers

January 2015 – 100,000 Followers

April 2015 – 500,000 Followers

October 2015 – 1,000,000 Followers

Nobody said this would be easy 😏

Experiment with your own strategies

Ruben didn’t take a course, or read an ebook, or joined an Instagram Mastermind at first.

He tried things on his own and figured things out as he went.

That is what made him different than the rest and also allowed him to figure out strategies that other accounts didn’t know about.

Try things out on your own and think creatively.

The idea of copying others is a great way to learn the ropes, but if you’re trying to gain a massive following and really make a difference, you have to be different.

So try out some of your own strategies. You will certainly fail many times in your efforts, but the reward will be expertise that your competition won’t have.


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