March 23


Earn Cash to Take Part in World Leading Research

By Eddy

March 23, 2018

(UPDATE: Only U.S. and U.K. residents can apply to become a participant with Prolific)

There will always be a demand for market research and lots of money to go around for data.

Prolific is a company that facilitates these type of marketing surveys and pays generously for your time to help.

Surveys on Prolific

What type of surveys are on Prolific?

You’ll mostly find surveys and questions based on experiences with companies and websites.

One example in the above image is a survey for AirBnB asking for the details of your latest experience with them.

Other surveys include clicking through photos letting the researchers know which you like most, or answering a series of questions to understand customer behavior.

How much does Prolific pay?

This varies from survey to survey and also depends on how much time you’re willing to spend.

On average Prolific can pay from as low as $6 usd up to $20 usd.

Some surveys last just a few minutes while others much longer.

Prolific is based in the UK so they offer British Pound, but when they payout, you’ll receive USD through PayPal.

How do I get paid?

Prolific will pay you via PayPal or Circle.

After you complete your first study, you will need to wait until your submission is approved by their researchers which usually takes 1-3 days, sometimes longer.

Their initial payment threshold is $7 (with a fee). If you want to minimize fees, then its best to wait until you have accumulated $30. By doing so you’ll avoid fees if you’re in the UK/US by cashing out with circle. Below that amount, circle cash outs are charged 1% + fee.

To get paid, simply click on the “Get Paid” button in your participant account. It usually takes less than 48 hours for your payment to be processed, but in times of high throughput it can take up to 5 days.

For more details, check out the Prolific FAQ page.

How can I sign up?

Go to their registration page and select that you’d like to take part in studies. (referral link)

Fill out your basic information and confirm your email.

Once you’ve confirmed your email, log in and begin taking their initial eligibility questionnaire. This will help them display the studies that you can qualify for.

Prolific login page

Once you’ve completed this prescreening, you’ll be able to take surveys.


Prolific is a reputable company that works with over 4000 researchers and 200+ institutions around the world. They also have over 25,000 participants actively taking surveys, so they’re no joke.

What’s also great is that they payout in cash rather than points or gift cards which can be annoying.

Sign up to take surveys and see how you like it!

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