September 21


5 Ways to Grow your Instagram Following and Save Time

By Eddy

September 21, 2018

If you’re growing an Instagram page for the sake of building a business, you probably know how time-consuming it can all be.

In this article, I’m going to share with you 5 ways you can grow your Instagram following while saving time.

Let’s get to it!

Schedule Your Posts in Advance

Later Dashboard

This tip alone will save you hours every week if done correctly.

Making a plan and scheduling posts in advance will help you focus on other parts of your business rather than worrying about when to post your next video or image.

To do this, you’ll need to choose a software tool to do that. Here are a few of software programs I’ve used successfully.

Later has a freemium tool that lets you use their scheduling software free for 1 account. It’s limited to 30 posts per month, and doesn’t allow much else besides a basic post, but is better than nothing.

Their software will now post for you automatically (so long as you’re Instagram account is a business account), unlike before where you had to get a notification to open their app on your phone. Now its totally automated and will post on your behalf directly to Instagram.

I highly recommend their paid version for more functionality like their amazing analytics.


Gramblr is free software that lets you schedule posts to Instagram. Although its a bit limited in what they can do and can be buggy.

It gets the job done if you’re just looking to schedule videos and images in advance.

The downside to Gramblr is that you’ll need a computer running either Windows or MacOS turned on during the times you’ll be posting. If your computer shuts down, the software won’t run and your post won’t get posted. Sad face.


FollowPlanner is an automation bot that comes with loads of features for growing your followers but has some of the best scheduling features around in my opinion.

Along with being able to batch schedule your posts, you can also automatically add hashtag comments after every post, find repost content based on the number of likes or comments for you to share, AND you can schedule story posts in advance including swipe links!

This is a paid software that starts at $10 a month and can be a bit technical, so I don’t recommend it if you’re totally new to automation bots.

But if you’re willing to take the time to learn and understand it, it can save you tons of time AND help you grow your followers.

Set a certain time every day to engage with followers

Engaging with followers is important for follower growth on Instagram. It’s also one of the most time-consuming parts of Instagram marketing.

As much as most marketers suggest interacting with followers as much as possible, I recommend setting aside just 2 times per day for interactions.

This has been enough for my own growth and I think is enough to show Instagram that you’re active and engaged.

Here’s what you can do:

  1. Turn off all notifications from the Instagram app
  2. Set an alarm on your phone to go off once in the morning and once in the evening (that’s usually when people are on Instagram most.)
    1. Ideally, you’ll want schedule your posts to be automatically posted around these times
  3. Go to your most recent post and browse through the comments
  4. Like the comments that you like and reply to the best comments (in your opinion)
  5. Check your DMs and make sure to see if you have any pending message requests

BONUS TIP: I highly recommend you connect your Instagram account to a Facebook Page. This way you can use Facebook Page Manager to interact with people who’ve commented on either your Facebook page AND your Instagram page.

Leave Comments on Instagram Through Facebook

Once you’ve connected your Instagram account to your Facebook page, you can go to the Inbox section and leave comments all through Facebook.

Leave Comments on Instagram Through Facebook

Use virtual staff to interact with followers

Consider outsourcing some tasks to a virtual assistant.

I only recommend this after you’ve done a lot of the work yourself. This is because you need to know exactly what to do so you can create a very easy to follow step-by-step tutorial for your staff.

Once you have staff, they can help you with everything from:

  • Graphic design
  • Video creation and editing
  • Scheduling posts
  • Engaging with your followers
  • Sending DMs
  • Gathering information worth posting about

Don’t expect to hire someone who claims they are an experienced Instagram marketer and let them do whatever they want. You’ll 100% of the time be disappointed.

Here are a few things you should have before hiring a virtual assistant for your Instagram account:

  • A detailed explanation of how every image or video is made
    • Include the exact software tools you’ve used and ideally an already made template for them to use
  • A chosen scheduling software for posting to your Instagram page
    • Include detailed instructions on how to upload and schedule posts
  • A few sources for gathering new or re-postable content
    • Like websites, other influencers in your niche, or forums

I suggest hiring graphic designers separately since they often specialize in making nice graphics, but might not be interested in doing other tasks like scheduling or researching content. is great for hiring one-off graphic designers or to find someone to batch-create a few images or videos. You’ll often find designers charging $10 for 4 designs. Consider trying a designer out and if you like their work, negotiate a deal to do more images for a lower price. I often have a designer help with at least 10 images at a time.

For long-term hires or virtual assistants that help in things besides design, I recommend using or to hire staff.

Upwork offers a great tracking feature for hourly staff so you can track their work. charges a flat fee of about $70 per month but is often cheaper than Upwork because they don’t take a cut from the staff’s pay, whereas Upwork takes 30% from the staff’s pay.

Use an automation bot to interact with followers

One of the most effective ways to grow a following is by following and unfollowing users who might be interseted in your niche.

This is extremely time-consuming, not to mention extremely boring to do manually.

You can have a virtual staff help with this, or you can use automation bots to automate this process saving you loads of time and money.

FollowPlanner is one of the easiest automation bots to use.

Once you’ve connected your Instagram account with FollowPlanner along with a proxy (not covered in this article), you can then configure FollowPlanner to automatically follow and unfollow.

FollowPlanner Schedule Settings

Under the Planner section, you can schedule specific actions like “Follow”, “Unfollow”, and “Interact”.

FollowPlanner follow settings

Within the Follow tab section, you can choose “sources” from which FollowPlanner can find potential followers for you.

You’ll then need to configure these settings based on the type of user you’d prefer.

BEWARE! This can get you banned if not done right. Keep things moderate and try to aim for realistic numbers.  

If you’d like to know more about properly setting up your automation bot, check out my course on Instagram Growth where I cover absolutely everything there is to set up an automation bot for growth safely.

Use an Instagram Growth Service

The last piece of advice for growing your followers while saving time is to hire a company that specializes in doing everything I’ve mentioned above FOR YOU.

Instagram growth services are ideal for influencers and entrepreneurs who are profiting from Instagram but don’t have the time or patience required for interacting or for automation bot configurations.

Idolized is one such company that works with you on finding then interact with your ideal followers to grow your following quickly and organically.

This is not a service that provides fake followers though. They take the information you provide them about your niche and business to target potential followers for you.

That way you can focus your time on content and providing value, while they do all the tedious work of engaging, interacting, and getting exposure for you.

Before you consider using a service like Idolized, make sure you have the following taken care of first:

  1. Have an Instagram account that is more than 1-month. The older the better.
  2. Have at least 24 posts already posted
  3. Have a clear understanding of your customer/follower (Know their interests, gender, age range, and location)
  4. Have enough content to post while using their services (at least 1 post per day for 1 week in advance)

Their prices are reasonable, ranging from $80/month for their individual account growth to $200/month for their business/brand growth.

They offer a free 7-day trial if you’re interested in trying.


If you implement some of these tips, you’ll be able to keep your account growing at a stead pace while not wasting your valuable time.

Instagram is one of the best places to market to and is only getting bigger and better. At the very least you should be building up an account to keep as an asset for your business. But you’re only one person!

Plan things out, use software, use staff, or outsource when you can so you can keep building up that value of your account while keeping a balanced life. 😉

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