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Day trading in the Crypto World – Is it Dangerous?

trading charts

Guest post by Mark Schwarz of Mark has been trading in bitcoin and other altcoins since 2013 and is a blockchain programming engineer. Please do your own research before following any advice listed in this or any article about investing, especially on cryptocurrency.  — Day trading is not a new concept. In the foreign […]

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Earn Cash to Take Part in World Leading Research

(UPDATE: Only U.S. and U.K. residents can apply to become a participant with Prolific) There will always be a demand for market research and lots of money to go around for data. Prolific is a company that facilitates these type of marketing surveys and pays generously for your time to help. What type of surveys […]

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How to audit a class in Coursera

Coursera Auditing

Coursera has by far the best collection of University courses teaching everything from Python coding, to Ecommerce business courses. What most people don’t know is that Coursera offers you the option to audit any one of their amazing courses, FOR FREE. If you’re looking to learn how to code for a higher paying job, to […]

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Get Cash Rebates When Shopping Online

You could be leaving money on the table when you shop online. Shopping websites sometimes offer bonus payments to affiliates who send traffic to their website. With Ebates, you can cash-in on these bonuses while you do your own shopping! What is Ebates? Ebates is tool you can install on your Chrome Browser that notifies you when you’re on […]

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5 Lessons From John Cena

john cena

Sometimes I go on an WWE YouTube kick whenever I want to relax and relive my childhood. I stumbled upon this interview with John Cena where he shared the lessons he learned on his way to becoming who he is today. These were my takeaways from his story: 5 Lessons From John Cena Work hard […]

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Four Horsemen Documentary Film

Four Horsemen Documentary

The Four Horsemen documentary film, although not directly related to income generation, does shed light on the inner workings of our financial system and asks critical questions about the pursuit of prosperity. It talks about the value of our own education in the world around us. Many of us now are investing in cryptocurrencies which […]

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How to Invest in Cryptocurrency for Long Term Gains

Investing In Cryptocurrency for the Future

During one of the worst financial crisis of our time, an anonymous cryptographer decided enough was enough with the corruption in wall street and existing central banking system. In 2008, the now famous and still unknown, Satoshi Nakamoto released Bitcoin as an alternative method for spending and keeping wealth. 10 years later, Bitcoin and cryptocurrency […]

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